EIMSO2 is an export import software designed by Janavaras & Associates International, Inc. (JAI) that is aimed on developing a company’s export or import strategy. This tool consists of two dynamic software components – Export Management System Online (EMSO) and Import Management System Online (IMSO). Each EIMSO2 software component consists of four modules:


By implementing EIMSO2, business organizations can close the gap by developing their exporting or importing plans, strategies and operations in a cost-effective and timely manner. Thereby business organizations can minimize risks associated with global expansion, strengthen their competitive edge, and increase long-term sales and profits in a dynamic global marketplace.

EIMSO2 is based on Dr. Basil Janavaras’s book on Global Marketing Management System (GMMS) and it is the culmination of the author’s decades of experience in international trade research, teaching and training and personal involvement in business, including exporting and importing. In addition, Ms. Rae Hale, a licensed import broker with C H Robinson, has co-authored the IMSO program. Her in-depth knowledge and experience in international trade operations has contributed immensely to the quality and reliability of the software.

For Educational Purposes

Web-based EIMSO2 can also be used as an educational tool that is highly interactive, engaging, and innovative for students. This international trade research, teaching and training software helps them in bridging the gap between international trade theory and the rigorous decision making process of solving real, complex business problems. Students will learn exporting and importing strategies, as well as international business tasks and technical aspects of trading globally.

Who Can Use EIMSO2

What are the Benefits You can Reap

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If you want to know more about our software then you can visit www.eimso2.com. You can also try the demo version of GMMSO3 to determine whether the software fulfills your needs and requirements. You can contact us via our email (basilj@janavaras.com), or call us (507-382-0304 or 507-345-5824) to know more about our international trade research, teaching and training tools, or you can meet us at our office in Mankato,Minnesota, USA.

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