GMMSO3 is a global strategic planning software developed by Janavaras & Associates International, Inc. (JAI) that will assist companies in expanding their business presence into foreign markets. By implementing this software, you can identify foreign markets that have high potential for your business, conduct a company situation analysis in a global context, perform an in-depth market / competitive analysis and choose the best country where you can make business presence. Lastly, you can determine the best entry mode strategy and develop the best marketing plan for your company. As a research and strategic planning management tool, GMMSO3 is used by:

GMMSO3 as a Project Based Teaching Tool GMMSO3 addresses one of the most important challenges faced by international business faculty – how to bring the real world into the classroom or training environment by providing the platform to support students in their role as managers and decision makers in a global setting. According to surveys conducted by instructors, the software improved their students’ international business understanding, and improved their teamwork and critical thinking skills.

Advantages of Using this Software

GMMSO3 - Background

JAI designed GMMSO3 software based on the Global Marketing Management System (GMMS) book written by Dr. Basil Janavaras. This software is the outcome of years of international marketing management research, teaching and testing the system in the classroom. Many instructors and students from universities around the globe have used the software in international business and management courses. Many company executives, global business practitioners and consultants have been involved in the development of this software and have effectively used the software in real-time business environments.

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