GMMSO4 is a research and strategic planning management tool designed by Janavaras & Associates International Inc. (JAI) that help companies to expand their business footprint into foreign markets. The basic concept for this international business software is derived from the Global Marketing  Management System (GMMS) book written by Dr. Janavaras.  In addition, many company executives, business consultants, international business  professors and practitioners have been involved in the development of this software and have effectively used it in their core-business activities.  A good number of instructors and students from Universities around the world have used GMMSO4 software in international business and management  courses. This web-based and user-friendly business software consists of 3 dynamic modules that will enable you to:

GMMSO4 as a Project Based Learning Tool

GMMSO4 software can also be used as a project based learning (PBL) tool for educational purposes in Universities, training centers and businesses alike.
More specifically, this strategic planning management tool is used by:

  1. International business
  2. International management courses
  3. Global / International Marketing
  4. Global business strategy / policy

Benefits of Using GMMSO4 Software

Want to Know More about GMMSO4

If you are interested in knowing more about our software then you can visit You can watch the video tutorial of GMMSO4 software or download the PDF file to determine whether the software fulfills your needs and requirements. You can contact us via phone (507-382-0304 or 507-345-5824) to know more about our global marketing management teaching tools, email (, or you can directly consult with our experts at our Mankato office.

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