JAI Online Software Tools

JAI builds interactive and web-based international business software systems for educational and business use, as well as government agencies. They are designed to assist in the development of global marketing management plans, strategies and operations. They are intuitive and user friendly – it's easy generate reports, update plans and more!

Export Import Management System Online, 2nd Edition

Conducts a company situation analysis, identifies and selects best markets or supply sources, determines a company's readiness to export-import strategies and prepares all the necessary documents

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Global Marketing Management System Online,3rd Edition

Guides users through conducting a company situational analysis, identifying global market opportunities, selecting best markets for specfic products, and developing a global business and local marketing plan.

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Global Market Potential System Online, 2nd Edition

The GMPSO is an online strategic planning management tool to hlp you identify worldwide business opportunities

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Global Marketing Management System Online,4th Edition

Research and strategic planning management tool designed to help your company enter or expand its presence into foreign markets.

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Online Software Assistance Available

We ensure that when you purchase our software for your students or business you understand how to properly utilize it to your potential.

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