I used the GMMSO software in my International Marketing course. The software helped me understand the complexities of finding an international market and making sure it fits the company’s long term vision and goals. While completing the different sections of the project, I was able to make better sense of my textbook content. I would recommend this software to all business students.

Kira Diner

Minnesota State University - Mankato


I am a student at PRIMA program, Athens University of Economics and Business, and during my studies I had the chance of using the new GMMSO software. GMMSO 4 is a very helpful tool when developing a business strategy for international markets. It is easy to use and the procedure contributes in putting your knowledge into practice. Furthermore, the group project is a great opportunity to work together with other classmates, which is a pleasant experience. GMMSO 4 is an excellent support for my International Marketing course and I would certainly recommend it to other students and companies as well.

Ioanna Bampali

Student of MSc in Marketing and Communication Specialized in International Marketing (PR.I.MA.), Athens University of Economics and Business

I Having used GMMSO previously as a student and now as a practitioner, have seen it transform global potential to confidently executed strategy. It’s a high quality tool that supports those seeking to make sense of the world’s data and its opportunities. GMMSO bears particular importance to knowledge intensive situations and organizations, including Universities and all key industries with an international outlook and gives peace of mind to erstwhile uncertain decision making processes.

Andrew Amayo

Coventry University

The GMMSO4 course and software brings a unique approach towards market entry. It masterly combines qualitative as well as quantitative analysis of various factors that affect the market selection, entry or positioning strategy. Professor Janavaras himself provides vast insight derived from his experience which, together with the tool itself, delivers a thorough and well-balanced professional approach.  I was impressed by GMSMO tool and I would like to use it for my personal purposes regarding my own business venture. I highly recommend this program.

Karel Kotoun

MSc International Economics University of Economics Prague

GMMSO is used in courses of the Masters´ Program International Business – Central European Business Realities for more than 4 years, with a very positive feedback from students. Students learn through simulation that enable them to feel the real practice with real cases. They learn how to operate business, what parametres could be decisive for the best outcome and what solutions are brought by their decisions. GMMSO provides an application of the theoretical background on a completely different basis than other „like practical“ courses and is a very useful and welcome step to a real business life. I do not hesitate to recommend it to other Universities and business schools.

Ludmila Sterbova

Vice-Dean 7 Director of International Business Program
University of Economics, Prague

I have recently used GMMSO4 and have welcomed the improvements made to the earlier versions. These improvements enable users to save Money, Effort, Time and Stress (METS). The excellent graphical representations are also worth a mention as in previous versions users had to create their own. From a user’s perspective, it is extremely helpful to have these created for you.
When applied correctly, GMMSO4 provides decision makers with outcomes based on facts rather than guesswork or gut feelings. I would recommend the GMMSO4 to senior executives as an essential part of their business toolkit as it integrates the functionalities of all departments in bringing their products to new global markets.

A. Anderson

C.E.O. JAS Solutions for Business LTD.

Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in International Business and Strategy The Department of Strat
University of Birmingham, UK.
I have been using the GMMSO software for many years and it is with great delight that I see the 4th edition available. Based on our class experience with the GMMSO, I would not hesitate to recommend it to any lecturers who are willing to make their classes more practical, innovative, relevant and engaging, in order to prepare students capable to deliver real case project solutions to their future or current employers. In fact, The GMMSO software is so well structured and based on a very solid theoretical framework that we have to adopt and use it as the basis for our International Strategic Management course which is part of MBA and MSc in International Business programmes.

Dr. Emanuel Gomes

MSc International Business Programme Manager
Coventry University, UK

In the PRIMA program the students are taught the GMMSO simulation program which is an innovative tool for designing a business strategy for international markets. Through this simulation program, the students are able to create, plan, and test multiple business actions, with the option to change all the parameters in order to achieve the best possible outcome for the organization. Moreover GMMSO includes all the necessary parameters an international marketer must know, in order to act with success in the global business environment. I firmly believe that this software is indispensable to any company that plans to expand in foreign

George J. Avlonitis

Professor and Director of MSc International Marketing; Deputy Chairman of the Academic Council
Athens University of Economics and Business


GMMSO has contributed to the structure, effectiveness and student satisfaction of my IB course for six years. The project brings the real world into the classroom and encourages students not only to do academic research but to network with professionals. Students who want relevant and real learning enjoy the GMMSO journey.

Todd Friends

Assistant Professor of IB & Management
Whitworth University


I’ve been using GMMSO in my class of International Marketing since 2006. This interesting online software has remarkably evolved and I consider it as the right tool for applying strategic marketing decisions. One thing I am sure of is that students are learning something meaningful and applicable to life beyond the classroom.

Nizar Souiden

Laval University

GMMSO is an excellent support for my International Marketing course. I have been using it for two years and I will certainly use it in the future. It provides an excellent structure and valuable guidelines for students drafting a marketing plan for the first time. I would definitely recommend it to my colleagues.

Ernesto Tavoletti

Assoc. Prof. of Econ. and Management of Enterprise
Università di Macerata

EIMSO gives students an experiential learning opportunity that engages them in decision making and thinking through the complexities of conducting business internationally

Paula E. Bobrowski

Professor; Ph.D. Fulbright Research Fellow
Auburn University

Used the EIMSO online system to structure the major project for my Business Opportunities in Global Trade class, which is basically an export management class with an entrepreneurial flavor. The software provided a very neat, clear, all-inclusive hands-on tool which engaged and guided my students through an experiential project. It provided a thorough foundation guide for their analysis, facilitating their focus on data gathering and analysis rather than format. Very user friendly. I highly recommend the EIMSO both as a well organized pedagogical tool for export management type classes, as well as for aspiring small and medium sized businesses considering beginning or expanding their exporting/importing exposure in global markets.

Dr. Peter L. Banfe

Associate Professor of International Business, The Dicke College of Business Administration
Ohio Northern University

The Powertrak MBA program at Saint Mary's University of Minnesota (www.smumn.edu/mba) requires use of GMMSO in our MBA capstone course and the EIMSO in our Trade Management course. Business in America needs more MBA grads that have learned to think through the process of developing a market. There is no better tool than GMMSO and EIMSO to make sure that process is thorough, based on data and is comparative.

Dr. Karen Gulliver

Professor and MBA Director
Saint Mary's University of Minnesota

I was very pleased with EIMSO. I think it is an excellent way to organize lots of information. The feedback from the students was very good.

Dr. Nancy Rauseo

Florida International University

The GMMSO is a very useful tool for any educator teaching international marketing or marketing strategy.

Dr. David Shani

MBA Program Director
Kean University

GMMSO gives my students a logical, step by step approach to international expansion, with recommendations that have been invaluable to businesses in our global business practicum.

Dr. Joseph McGill

Kean University

I would highly recommend this program for anyone teaching MBA’s international marketing. My students stated in the course evaluations that the most beneficial aspect of the class was the GMMSO assignment. GMMSO lets the students personalize their learning experience by selecting the product/service and regions of the world they are interested in.

Dr. Barbara Wooldridge

Tampa University

I am endorsing the GPMSO, GMMSO, EIMSO software created by Dr. Janavaras. I recommend the software to all students taking International Business classes and to any company or organization interested in global expansion. As a student, each one of these systems increased my understanding of global business concepts and operations. I also find the software useful in my work.
(FedEx Trade Networks)

Samia Ahmed

Associate Entry Coordinator

I have used the GMPSO software for the past two years in conjunction with a Principles of International Business class and have found it straight forward, easy to use, and overall very beneficial to student learning. It facilitates research by providing many internet links and its structured format guides students through the process. Over four hundred students have taken this class from me and it receives a very positive critique from them in their post class evaluation.

Richard Young

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